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  • JALMR - IT WORKS !!!

    My husband and I have been using the Earthing Bed Sheet for over a year. We began to think it was really not helping and we figured we'd been scammed UNTIL we went on vacation without it !! Our aches and pains, especially in our knees, were obviously back!! We've tested it several times now and are true believers!! Getting up and down out of chairs etc. was painful when we took the sheet off and no problem when we put it back on. Have one on our Motorhome bed and take it with us when traveling by car. Believe or's your choice!

  • Starlette - like it - bought 2 already

    i use this for a persistent rash - it goes on smoothly - stays on fairly well - helps to heal and eases itching somewhat

  • megan bullard - Didn't work

    My cat suffers from allergies so he has lost a lot of hair, this was recommended by a vet but it didn't work for him...hopefully it works for yours .

  • My $.02 - Misleading - Not necessarily backward compatible

    The software tells you to go to SHOP for new songs. Apparently, I can't only find african American artists for original RockSmith. I undertood that RS 14 was backwrd compatible, yet when I try to purchase the songs, I'm told that I can't because I don't have the iroginal RS. Seaching the web about the issue (because RS an Stream don't give ny information on this) I find tht even if I purchase RS, I still can't get the songs to work with RS14. OK - that sucks. I want BB king and the like but it's not available for RS14. And NO Black artists -- SERIOUSLY??!!

  • C. Overman - It works....

    Works with Windows 10 and no real problems. The GUI is a bit silly as it has symbols that don't describe the operations until you click them, but not so complex that you can't figure it out. Main gripe is that their 2014 software is no longer supported and won't deal with windows 10, so had to spring for a $30 upgrade to get this version.

  • windiciti - Not a Memorable Collection

    Disappointing. I know because I cannot remember even ONE of these stories. Nothing outstanding or provocative here.