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  • Mel Bridges - Too high expectations for a concealer

    After reading the positive reviews for this concealer, I decided to chance it and buy it. I have melasma spots on my face and need a concealer that doesn't settle into laugh lines and wrinkles. This product unfortunately does NOT do it for me. It doesn't blend in too easily with my foundation and comes off easily. I wear a makeup primer before I put on foundation and concealer, so most of the concealers that I have tried stay on for at least a few hours. Not this erase paste. It is smudged off (not that I intentionally do this, but with the natural things that happen like holding a cell phone to your ear, hugging someone, putting on a shirt, etc.) within the hour! I can buy me a simple drug store concealer that cost much less for $6-$11 and it would do a better job of staying on me. So I am still searching for an excellent and well-priced concealer.

  • northern gal - christmas present

    My daughter commute to New York from Brooklyn and she requested I get the helmet for her for Christmas because of style and safety

  • Kelvin - It's ok

    It worked well for the most part, when it came to skin and hair . I would say it had a reverse effect, when it came to my joints, it caused swelling and a bit of pain to my knees , once I stoped taking it , the swelling and pain were gone .

  • H. L. Cross - A huge hit for 5 year olds

    We have had it all of a few hours, We opened our Christmas gifts today, and so thankful I bought this watch. My 5 year old sons big gift was the imaginext power rangers megazord which he quickly lost interest in. This watch saved me. It wasn't charged, but let me tell you it didn't take too long but once it was charged nothing else existed all day. He has been playing with it since he opened it and it is still going strong. He is totally in love with it. We have only had it a few hours but I will update my review if anything happens. He is absolutely thrilled to have his own video camera and camera. This was his Christmas favorite for sure. I will say one other son is 6 (closer to 7) and super intelligent and he played with it for a few minutes and lost interest. Maybe it is more for kindergartners and preschoolers.

  • MrsNews - Not your traditional game of Sorry

    I like this game but it is not the "traditional" game. It has twist and turns that were new to me. I thought I was buying the traditional game. When will I learn to read the descriptions better?????

  • Uncle Elias - No need for spray. Works Excellent.

    I used this in the past in NYC in a house that was absolutely infested with German cockroaches. It worked perfectly. Perfectly. Not a single roach after a month or so and no more in the future.

  • L. Holder - Sylvania SMP2012 2 GB Clip MP3 Player (Silver)

    This is a very basic mp3 player and just what I wanted. It is tiny, at about 1 inch by 1 1/2 inches and is feather-light. The battery is built-in and rechargeable, which is one of the big selling points for me. It fully charges in about 30 minutes and is ready to play. Actually, it charged while I loaded songs, as well as sermons, on it. I am pleased with the sound quality, of both spoken audio, as well as music.