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City: -87.6845 Illinois, United States

  • J. Hosford - Love the way they look. Illegal equipment in many states.

    I purchased the smoked version and they look great on my JK. I like they way it continues the black accents of my jeep. Simple to install. Plug and play. Like others have said, the brush guard fit just like the factory light. The brightness appears at least the same as the OEM tail lights. My wife followed me today and said they were plenty visible. The light pattern is not correct on the box. As other have indicated, the center square is normal tail lights, the outer ring is turn/brake. I would have preferred the box be correct, but there's not much I can do about it.

  • Vickie - Excellent book!!!!!!

    I really loved this book. Gabriel blonde girlfriend really showed her true colors!!!!!! She hated Royal and Renee with a passion. Society says that true beauty for women is tall, slim, blonde and blued eyed. The Medlov men all fell for beauty black women, and she could not deal with not being the wife of either Medlov man.

  • Gift Card - Read the fine Print!

    FreedomPop is just have to read the fine print. To avoid the trouble that other users are experiencing:#1: use at least 5mb per month to remain in "active" otherwise in 30 days they cancel your account and you have to pay $20 to reactivate; #2: For the "free" plan, which I have...500mb per month...stay between 5mb and 400mb, otherwise if you use 401mb..they suspend your account unless you let them hold $ cover mb usage beyond 500mb plan. You can earn free mb....but stay below 100mb of your total "free" 500mb plus earned 225mb equals 725mb, then you can use up to 625mb...before they ask to hold $10...They will only start deducting from your account if you go "over" your total data plan. Beware of the free MB(data) offers...they install a lot of unwanted apps/pop-up on your PC....and they are hard to delete!!!!