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  • P. Paul Pierce - I like it. It found a deduction that TurboTax didn't

    I like it. It found a deduction that TurboTax didn't; but, I have hundreds of capital gains stock trades from Quicken 2015 and it will not finish importing them. The program freezes, crashes and exits.

  • Sunshine - ... i have needed for some time and am so glad i finally found the right one for me

    A camcorder is something that i have needed for some time and am so glad i finally found the right one for me. It is a nice slim and easy to hold onto HD Video Camcorder. It is a nice comfortable size which is great it. I didn't want a big bulky camcorder. It is a Digital Video Camcorder that works great and is so wonderful for capturing all those special moments.

  • TxTechsan - Too good to be true

    In a nutshell, this product doesn't work. I'm in pretty good shape and work out about 5 days a week, but my abs have always been an area of weakness for me. I purchased this belt hoping that it would help tone my abs during my commute or while I did computer work in the evenings. I wore it every day for over a month, gradually increasing the intensity as outlines in the instructions.I used it often enough to require replacing the pads and batteries several times. I could feel it contracting my abs - sometimes to the point of being somewhat painful - but I never experienced any soreness afterwards. Actually, I never experienced anything different with this product. No increased strength. No improvement in tone. No decrease in inches. Nothing. Don't waste your money.

  • W. Ford - Junk.

    Ordered this mainly because my TV was equipped for it, and wanted to stay up to date. All the other dismal reviews are correct: Freezes in the middle of installation, get's excessively hot, and does absolutely nothing. I removed it, and restored the original software version on my TV, rather than continue fruitless attempts to install and risk damage to my set. On the plus side, it could be used as a tech-y looking paperweight.

  • Brownmami14 - These do work, but not overnight

    I've used these back in 2012 after I had my son. These pills does work, but not overnight. I purchased two bottles and used the first batch for one month, and skipped the second batch bc I loved my results. I will say that I used these in conjunction with peractin, so not sure if it made a big difference. I'm ready to order another batch to jump start muy summer body.

  • Gary L. Stewart - Lots of fun

    A lots of great games to choose from and you can select to have talking of players on or off. Easy to install and great value for the money.

  • Amazon Customer - Not sure why people are having issues

    I'm not sure what all the bad reviews are for. This product works great! I bought two and set them up with Alexa in under 10 mins. As long as you have a good WiFi connection and decent internet speed you will be fine. If you have a crappy router don't expect this to work well. The instructions are really not that hard to follow. If you want to waste money on a wemo device and spend the extra money on a hub be my guest, but I have had no problems with this device since I bought it.