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  • packersfan - Cool product, easy instal

    Cool product, easy instal.. Only problem I have is that there is no control from the steering wheel buttons for changing songs (volume does work to control)

  • Jennifer Mickle - Do not buy if you already have a payroll subscription

    Do not buy this if you already have a payroll subscription with Intuit. It appears you will be saving $100 for the first year, but that is wrong. You will pay the extra $100 upon installation (for more than 3 employees). I had to waste over an hour on tech support straightening it all out. Much easier to pay for the payroll renewal separately, which basically occurs automatically.

  • J. Clutter - What a shame Americans weren't told the truth about this ...

    What a shame Americans weren't told the truth about this man before the 2008 election. He has disgraced the office of president. There are so many other black Americans who could have done us all proud!!

  • Alexa Pennak Betz - We have two of these seats and have zero complaints ...

    We have two of these seats and have zero complaints. They have fit in an Audi A3 (seat will have to be pushed up a bit), a 2008 Nissan Rogue, and a Lincoln MKX with zero problems. Check out the Car Seat Lady's review. (Does not come with a cup holder - we purchased this separately and our daughter likes it so far)

  • Abdulrahman Hussein - Good Product

    It does not have a strong smell,and the consistency of this is water. It goes on so smooth. it does feel softening to the skin. It doesn't burn when applied, which is good but has me wondering how effective it is.

  • Southwest Lady - Beautiful & Functional Aromatherapy Diffuser

    It looks like a mini volcano smoking! I was attracted to the very simple design of this unit. Since everything in life needs to be cleaned, I’ve learned the fewer cracks and crevices a device has makes my life easier. This diffuser is easy to maintain, so that is a big plus.

  • Tanakaba - Obama's world view on display

    As this movie postulates, the mentors from Obama's past include some very radical figures, including Frank Marshall Davis, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Edward Said, and Roberto Unger. I would add to this list the team of Cloward and Piven and Alynsky. Not one of these people have much good to say about the United States and its citizens. As I continue to watch what Obama does instead of listening to his oratory, it is clear that these figures have had a lasting effect on Obama's world view and true feelings toward the USA.