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  • Disability Employment Awareness and the Benefits of diversity in the workplace | NCHPAD Blog - Endless CapABILITIES - Many businesses want to be part of inclusive employment but aren't sure how to do so. Here are some strategies to promote inclusion within your company.

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  • Marilyn - Not many choices

    Even though it's stated there are thousands of templates on-line, I couldn't find a calendar in portrait mode, only landscape mode. Could not edit what was downloaded from the internet. I seem to have less choices with Publisher than with Picture It, a program that came out years ago. Also, I'm not able to make a plain address label and import the wording into all the labels, something so simple and I CAN'T do it.

  • Mufasa - The Hairy Gorge

    Despite having read almost all the reviews and warnings for this product, I decided to do away with the trusty steel scissors and miniature weed whacker for hair removal and switch to Nair for Men. Much like the gorge that saw Mufasa trampled by stampeding wilderbeast, my canyon was rugged, dry and full of a wiry undergrowth that required machetes to gain safe passage. While the murky waterhole seldom attracts a crowd, the pride rocks and gnarled trunk have been known to feature at gatherings and small parties. Taking care not to interfere with the circle of life, I layed it on as thick as the smell of Pumba's expulsions after a night bookended by curry and lager. It wasn't long until I began to notice the smell of a Kofta Lajawab and Kingfisher combination, though with a hint of ammonia and a faint bubbling sound. No amount of mint yoghurt or plum sauce could be enough to soothe the fire engulfing my onion bahjis. It was only with a hasty application of a cold galic naan that stretched from the dark, shadowy place right up to the peak of pride rock that any relief came. Three plain salted mango lassis and some liberal hosing later, the dust had settled and a new king arose... and Scar was his name.

  • Roseanne Mazzella - Okay but a little confusing

    The cd's are okay!!! It kind of jumps around a lot with questions and learning. Hard to grasp infor at times, needed to keep listening to parts over again.. Would keep to the review books instead... :)

  • Judy - I love the shake

    Amazon, I only gave a 4 star because I feel you charge too much for delivery. I love the shake, taste great and I have managed to lose a few pounds taking it but price is too high with your delivery charges.

  • Dave - TERRIBLE - DON'T BUY YET, WAIT UNTIL THE DRM IS REMOVED, or you may lose the use of the game!

    I give this game a single star for fun, because it is going to be tears for your kids when they are locked out of the game and they lose their creations.