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  • Aerokiki - Sorry is a Great Game for Family Time

    Me and my boys really like this game. It is one that is good for family time, to be able to talk to my kids, and at the same time enjoy when someone gets 'knocked back home' because of another players Sorry Card. This version has also tweaked from the old one with another way of playing. We still played the classic way, but the newer way also seems fun. I think this is a great game for every family and to teach little ones counting!!!

  • Mark Antkowicz - Action packed human patriotic movie

    It was the same action packed human patriotic movie that the first one was. No Will Smith, but many of the others were there. The mad doctor (Brent Spiner) had a bigger better part. I think the Transformer movies were played out. They should stop the Independence Day movies here. We have defeated the smelly freaks for good so it's time to stop. We have all the knowledge of the universe. I liked it one not twice like the first.

  • Joseph Asson - Best Valve Oil Period

    've used Al Cass for 15 years now. The oil is simply the best. When I've run out or forgotten my oil and had to use a friends, it just wasn't the same. The others, like blue juice, work but not for as long and aren't as smooth.

  • Jenny Gilbert - an absolute must have, but with one problem

    This is a great way to clear hardwood floors and also kitchen linoleum. It is quick and easy. It's also a breeze on your back, since you do not have to bend over. My chiropractor really appreciated this aspect. ;)

  • Amazon Customer - Amaze-balls!

    For a wino like like this product is amazing! Dispenses and aerates in one? Yes please! A total game changer!

  • Carla A. - Made our cat sick and didn't do a thing to stop the fleas

    After reading the positive reviews of the product here, I got a bottle from our local pet shop. Following a suggestion from another reviewer, we sprayed it on our hands and worked it into our kitten's fur. After a few days, we noticed she was getting lethargic. She went from being very playful to sleeping most of the day. Her appetite diminished and she began having terribly smelly diarrhea. Around the same time, we noticed she had a tapeworm infestation (which comes from eating the fleas which the spray was doing next to nothing to kill) so we took her to the doctor. The doctor advised us to stop the spray and use some kind of gel which gets put on the back of her neck. This we did, and suddenly dead fleas were showing up pretty much everywhere she sat for more than five minutes. We stopped using the spray at the same time and her diarrhea stopped, her feces returned to a normal level of stinkiness (next to nil, that is) and she's feeling frisky and happy again. It's likely the tapeworms were contributing somewhat to her lethargy, but I believe firmly that it's the spray that was most responsible for her sickness, as clove oil is known to be toxic to cats. I should also note that if you use this on your kitten, it will smell of cloves forever more. We've washed our kitten once (on the vet's advice) and even after a very thorough scrubbing she still smells of clove (thankfully not enough of it remains in her fur for her to get sick from it again).

  • booklady33 - Nice smell but dries out skin and scalp

    Refreshing scent but left my son's skin a little dry. Same with scalp, works very well to clean hair but is somewhat drying. Would recommend using a lotion or baby oil after this product. Otherwise it is very gentle on the skin and has a mild yet sweet smell.