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~Will's Glandular Adventures~ - A blog documenting my adventures with my insulin pump, from the "Hmm, maybe I should get a pump" to the "Wow, this pump is great! I've been using it for ages and I never want to inject again!~"...

  • ~Will's Glandular Adventures~, hi, do you know by any chance how much can taking... - Anonymous said: hi, do you know by any chance how much can taking DHEA interract with prescription T ? Im gonna get my T, but i dont want to tell my doc about dhea, instead when i'll get my T i will...
  • ~Will's Glandular Adventures~, this is embarrassing.. but i get a free bottle... - Anonymous said: this is embarrassing.. but i get a free bottle every time someone buys one at mangoaff725(dót)com and these things work better than adderall.. i legit lost 15lbs in 2 weeks.. try them....
  • ~Will's Glandular Adventures~, really vague DHEA update - really vague DHEA update I’ve been taking DHEA in increasing amounts for the past two or three months, though I did go a few weeks without taking any because i thought i would be getting pre-t labs...
  • ~Will's Glandular Adventures~, do you plan on having surgery? - Anonymous said: do you plan on having surgery? Answer: Yes, but only top surgery.
  • ~Will's Glandular Adventures~, good luck on your transition! :) - Anonymous said: good luck on your transition! :) Answer: Thank you very much! I’m excited :D
  • ~Will's Glandular Adventures~, Oh whoops I never update. - Oh whoops I never update. Sorry. Short update. The pump is still much better for me than injections. My endo and I are still trying to figure out the proper basal insulin rates. I think part of the...
  • ~Will's Glandular Adventures~, Diabetes-related stuff - Diabetes-related stuff Not necessarily pump-related. My blood sugar levels have been absurd for the past two or three weeks. They’re always high, even when I’ve been painstakingly precise in my...
  • ~Will's Glandular Adventures~, Thank you so much. I'm in the UK so treatment is... - Anonymous said: Thank you so much. I'm in the UK so treatment is free. It's more curiosity at this stage. I've been wondering this for a while, so type 2 would be more likely, and I'm pretty chubby...

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  • Chris - worked for me

    Can't say for sure how much this helped since I replaced my pump at the same time but my pump is much quieter than the old unit. This did allow me to relocate the pump over a few inches to a better location.

  • Mrs.Bates - should have...

    Really should joined Netflix a long time ago. great on my tablet when slow at work. Great to catch up on missed tv episodes

  • Kathy Meers - 90 Year Old swears by Australian Dream

    I purchased this for my 90 year old dad who swears by it. He is always telling people about it. He even got some little jars to put samples in for his friends.. He uses it on his right shoulder and both knees.

  • Leonardo Ristori - lasted enough to pay for itself

    The set lasted a few years of light/medium use. I would buy it again for small projects around the house. Cheap enough that you can buy a new one after a few years. The handle on the screwdriver broke, the ratchet also failed beyond repair. The sockets especially the smaller ones won't take much torque. Again, light use for a couple years is what you will get.

  • Colleen - I LOVE THIS! This works perfectly for my hair

    I LOVE THIS! This works perfectly for my hair, which is normal but I have a LOT of hair. I think this would be difficult to use on fine hair, unless you have a lot, but it is great for my type and texture. My hair is not straight, its kinda wavy in spots and idk it just air dries really ugly. This tool is convenient for me, because now i can shower at night and let my hair air dry, and just use this brush in the morning. It takes me maybe 15-20 minutes to do my hair now, as opposed to getting up showering and blow drying. I get up about a half hour later now than I used to! Totally worth it!

  • tree - readable/

    this book is big lots of pages.I have not read it all,i have looked up some things. it is understandable. written so the layman can get info. i think it will pay for it self . I like it.

  • Mona - Nope!

    I have used Paul Mitchell Awapuhi before and loved it. However, this packaging was different and it seemed to leave my scalp greasy. Going back.