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  • Amazon Customer - Great as always.

    I have been using quickbooks for many years. This version is shiny and new. The appearance is different and takes a bit to get used to but overall, I like it just as much as every other version. The payroll upgrade, as anyone that uses it knows, is very operator friendly and easy to use. It is necessary to upgrade this software as things change, but with the new program, all the questions are taken care of for you- QuickBooks did all the homework!

  • Patty*kake - Pricey but worth it

    I have been struggling with bad breath for a while. I've had deep cleanings and floss everyday and nothing has helped. Listerine only helps for like an hour and burns like nobodys business...this is the first mouth wash that actually worked!! And to my surprise it held up all day!


    This has some great recipes. And they are actually very easy to follow. I am going to make some dill pickles. I had all but one ingredient in my pantry. Well, 2, I had to go purchase the cucumbers. I don't keep that many on hand.

  • mary tatar - Couldn't put it down!

    I had every intention of having a productive day until I started reading this book. I couldn't put this wonderful book down. Seriously, though I can't tell you enough what this book did to me. I want to read it again. I'm a such a sucker for teenage angst and Penelooe writes a good one. Truly this pne shot straight of my list of best books this year.

  • Andria Y. - This book is ridiculous (and not in a good way!)

    SPOILER ALERT **Partial plot description included in review** Where to begin.... this is one of the worst books I've ever read. It starts out alright in the beginning. Socially awkward teen girl has a secret crush on her foster brother. On a family vacation she plans to reveal her feelings, but instead the foster brother runs into and gets back together with an old girlfriend and ends up missing the sister's birthday. The sister is devestated and runs out to the beach at night to clear her head. After this, everything goes down hill. The girl is kidnapped by a vampire and finds herself on some sort of vampire island, along with a whole group of girls who have also been kidnapped. These girls come from all over the world. Apparently the vampires have nothing better to do than search the world looking for unsuspecting humans to capture and bring back to their island. There are mistreated human slaves locked away in caves on the island, but these particular girls are meant for a powerful vampire who is about to be woken from a 400 year sleep. Of course, as soon as he wakes up, he immediately falls for the girl. He asks her to help him learn about the "important" technological advances of the past 400 years, such as TV and cell phones. She tries to use the phone to call home, but finds that some magic keeps calls from reaching outside the island. How exactly do the vampires get their cell service? Do they have their own tower on their secret island? Who is their cellular service provider? Also.... cable TV. Where does it come from? But let's not think about that. After a week or two, the girl all but forgets her family back home, and decides that the awoken vampire prince (did I mention he's some sort of vampire royalty?) now feels like home. However, this feeling is ruined when I rival female vampire shows up at the prince's treehouse with her own human slave in tow... the foster brother!!! Oh, the humanity! So, of course the girl's feelings are conflicted, the vampire prince feels sorry for the girl, and decides to help the foster siblings escape the island. But, alas, once they reach the docks, the girl cannot bring herself to leave her life of slavery (or the vampires who are bent on torturing and killing her while the prince isn't looking), so the foster brother has to sail back to civilazation alone.