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  • GmaOreo - Beautiful Family

    Chip and Joanna compliment each other in every way. So good to read a story about a family that's doing it right. Was able to travel to Waco to shop at Magnolia Market. Such an inspirational place to shop!

  • A. Abernathy - Didn't work

    Waste of money. It did nothing to 'erase' anything. In fact, it made everything worse. For that amount of money, for a tiny bottle of the stuff, it should have worked. But no.

  • Amazon Customer - LOVING EVERY PAGE

    I finished cosmetology in 2003 and did not get to keep my book so I ordered this one to have as a refresher and professional reference. Man is it great!!! Very vivid, more detailed info, and it captures every learner. There are bold color pages with step by step illustrations and very to the point instructions. It also has a timeline of cosmetology and focuses a little more on being a productive businessman/businesswoman. Really glad I made the purchase!!!!

  • Bill F - Registration is a pain!

    This version is still new and I have only used it for a few days. So far everything seems to work. HOWEVER, registering this product took a couple hours and left me extremely angry with Intuit. When you purchase this product you are provided with a product key to install but later after you do all the setup and configuration your are then required to contact Intuit by phone for a "validatiion code". Took three calls to get someone without an accent that I could understand, (outsourcing at it's best!), then they would not give me the required code unless I provided them with my address, phone number and email address, none of which I want them to have. They do sell your information to third party companies and also conduct an extensive in house marketing program. I don't need another 8 or 10 advertisements every month. I bounced the call to a supervisor and essentially was told the same thing. I asked for a refund and was told that was not possible because I had already installed the software (which won't run without he "validation code" they won't give me) Long story shortened, after a very unhappy conversation and finally I asked for the corporate headquarters phone number, she gave me a validation number and said thank you and hung up. I plan on finding another US manufacturer if I can.

  • Dixie Contini - Spider man

    Works great and has the staying power I was looking for. My garage and back porch were covered with spiders and webs prior to use and now totally free.

  • mmpotter59 - Completely happy with this purchase!

    I wanted to use this product for a bit before posting a review, so that I could give an honest opinion backed by use. I’ve tried a couple of things to test it: I placed water in the tumbler with a small amount of ice. I checked it about an hour later and the water was still cold and there was still some ice in the tumbler. I assumed that it didn’t retain more ice was because I had just received the tumbler, where it had been sitting on my porch for a few hours on a very hot day. For a couple of days, I used the tumbler strictly for cold beverages and it did a great job of retaining ice and keeping beverages very cold for long periods of time. Today, I made a tumbler full of coffee and headed to work a little before 8 am. Not long after settling at my desk, I drank from the tumbler of coffee and it was far hotter than I prefer. I let it sit a little longer, and slowly was able to drink from the tumbler. I sipped from the tumbler all morning, and I left for lunch at 1:15 pm, and the coffee was still surprisingly warm. I took the tumbler home with me and left it on the counter. When I arrived home about 5:30 pm, I took a sip from the coffee, and honestly, I could have finished the rest, but since it sat out all day and had creamer in it, I thought better of it. I’m thoroughly impressed with this tumbler and now wish I had bought the 2 pack! The reason I bought the Rtic instead of the Yeti was the comparison video of the coolers that I saw on YouTube. The video caused me to assume that the same would be true of the steel tumblers, and having no firsthand experience with a Yeti tumbler, I can’t attest to that, however, I am completely happy with this Rtic tumbler.