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  • Brett R. - Sounds great

    So I installed this exhaust a few weeks ago. It's a lot louder than the stocker, which is fine by me, but not so loud as to upset the neighbors! I think it looks great too! On my Stratoliner, I installed a fuel controller and a high flow air filter when I put the exhaust on. I did get some popping and backfiring until I got the fuel mix dialed in.

  • Vlad Otvos - The Beyoncé of Enemas at 35,000 feet

    I wa on my way to Europe and my layover was in Atlanta. Prior to boarding my international flight, I bought a bag of these from a small store in the airport. Never in a million years did I think that my assigned seat for the duration of the 8 hour flight would be in the airplane's lavatory.

  • T. T. Walker - Charge for state return then more $$ to e-file

    I switched from turboTax because HRBlock was cheaper and offered the Amazon tax return gift card. Not only is this software a clunky mess straight out of some grad student's dorm room, they charge you once to prepare a state return then an additional $20 to e-file it.

  • Jvette - Nice Treadmill

    This is a replacement treadmill for one I have had for 9 years. I walk about 3 miles per day and needed a good sturdy treadmill. I looked at many brands before deciding on this one. First like everyone else has said on here, This THING IS HEAVY. It took myself and my 20 year old son to get it in the house and it wasn't easy. Once we got it to the place we wanted to set it up and opened the box all the parts were there nicely wrapped in plastic. I opened the instructions and they weren't very helpful so I went to the web site and looked at them on there. You could see the drawings much better and tell where everything went. I'm pretty good at putting things together but this was a challenge at times. I agree with others that some of the bolt holes didn't line up real well and you had to work with them. One of the plastic pieces didn't fit very well but that was about it. The wires that have to be hooked up need to be routed for you in a better way. You can pinch them real easy and have a problem. Just be careful and take your time. It took us about an hour to put it together.

  • vang - Great value

    2 weeks and looking good. There were no instructions but looking at the old hubcaps, these new ones were very similar and I easily assembled them and put them on. They seems sturdy and except for the Toyota emblem they are exactly like the old. Amazing price relative to cost of new Toyota hubcap.

  • Parents of two sons - Relief!

    What a huge relief for my husband and I! Now we don't feel so alone as we face these challenging behaviors! This program has provided a language to help us name AND proactively respond to our children's most inappropriate behaviors. We have tried family therapy, parenting books, pediatricians, consequences, rewards (and more) for 13 years. This program shines far above anything else we have tried in order to effectively parent our very challenging kids. And yes, we are seeing positive changes in their behavior!

  • Taun Taun Logistics, LLC - Love the Can Gun!

    I bought this to use on a couple spray painting projects I had to do. This makes it so much easier and you get a better coverage and spay since you can concentrate on that rather than holding the little knob to get it to dispense paint.