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  • Rudy - Great security program......BUT Firefox users need to read this

    The good: I really like this security program, and it did in fact prevent me from opening an infected link in an email. Doesn't seem to slow down my computer at all. The program runs silently in the background, updating itself regularly without interrupting the user.

  • BluWave47 - Get beautiful hair!

    This product is wonderful! It makes my hair feel soft and pretty smooth after use. I like to use it right after I shower by taking a TINY amount and putting it on my bottom half of my hair. Another way I like to use it is after flat ironing- I take a tiny amount and run it through my hair from top to bottom and voila-it's smooth and shiny!

  • Henry - Beware Wolf in Sheeps Clothing !

    I bought a new computer all was running great until a PC Matic Rep called me to say they need to check my security. I told them my computer just bought it and took it out of the box but I listened to them and they managed to screw up my computer and told me it would cost me 700.00 dollars to turn it back into a service unit. The REP said that it was not their fault, it was the computer that screwed up, which couldn't be further from the truth. Do not ,I repeat do not trust this company!! They are computer Hackers and will take your money, the true Judas of computers. I do not know why they can use the Amazon name, Amazon policy is 30 days you can send the unit back,I explained I could not access anything on my new computer,except to turn it on and off. I have been haunted by PC Matic ( Pitstop LLC ), Ryan, ( I doubt this is his real name ) to pay the money and he will fix the problem. I had told him he was a cheater, and if I die and go to hell, I will come back and get him. I had the unit less than a week, I got the authorization to send the unit back and a credit will be issued. Thank You Amazon

  • Jim N. - No cute old man

    I recall other movie versions of A Christmas Carol, and some plays I have seen, that portray Scrooge as a colorful but essentially harmless curmudgeon. When I saw Alastair Sim play the part for the first time I understood that Scrooge is no cute old man. He is terrifying, a monster, a villain, a force for evil. When Dickens explains that the blind man's dog drags him away from Scrooge, you have trouble picturing this image, until you see Sim in the role. This version is simply masterful. The added material (not in the novella) is consistent with the original story and gives insight into Scrooge's character. The acting throughout is strong but never over the top. For example Brian Worth is convincing as Fred in his jovial nature and patience with his uncle. Certainly Kathleen Harrison gives a masterful performance as Mrs. Dilber, with her ghoulish attempt to benefit from Scrooge's death and her colorful response to Scrooge's conversion. This movie, like the novella, works because it captures the extremity of despair in the poverty of Victorian England and the brutal inhumanity of the main character and then effectively transforms both to joy and optimism, somehow believably, through the miracle of Christmas. The transformation is convincing and the reborn Scrooge, as portrayed by Sim, is as convincing as a benevolent patriarch as he was as a heartless scoundrel. The dark scenes at the beginning and middle of this film can be hard to watch for the faint hearted. Nevertheless the genius of the film is that the impact of the end of the film is stronger because of the sadness and despair shown earlier in the film. If one softened the despair the ending would be much less effective. There may be other decent versions of this story, but I plan to stick with this one for Christmases in the foreseeable future.