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  • VoraciousReader - Works like magic.

    I had a horribly stubborn infestation, and this was the only thing that got rid of all the fleas. Use it as directed: sprinkle on carpets, then use a broom to swoosh it around and create a mist. You can even do this on hardwood floors. And you can sprinkle it on furniture. For me, I had to apply this 6 times. After each application, I noticed fewer and fewer fleas. Then, suddenly, after the 6th application, they were all gone! This is much more effective than the flea bombs; the bombs only seemed to work temporarily, but this got rid of all the fleas once and for all.

  • Leanne Vogel - Leaders in the space

    A fabulous book from two brilliant leaders in the low-carb, fasting, ketogenic space. If you're looking to explore how fasting feels in your body, this book will give you a very, very solid foundation. And, there's recipes... which I wasn't expecting at all. They're great!

  • Jessica L Harrell - Absolutely WORKS great

    Hands down the BEST spider revenge EVER. Very mild nearly unnoticeable odor that really kills spiders and kills them fast. I put two bottles in my hand pump sprayer and treated roof line/sophit and fascia where daily spider webs infested our camp cottage - before Miss Muffet my daily vacation routine included sweeping the webs out every morning and smashing what few spiders I could see. The next day new webs reappeared... a losing battle until Miss Muffet. After one wetting treatment over two weeks ago (and after several intense rain storms), there are NO new spider webs and no spider sightings inside or out :-). Warning: do not stand close to the eaves when spraying or the fleeing spiders will literally drop down on your head! Highly recommend this product!!!

  • dlynw2002 - EXTRA FEES WITH THIS

    Can not activate this payroll subscription. QuickBooks charges an additional fee. Not a good deal. They track your payroll online.

  • djtweety - Outstanding

    This book is beyond amazing this is a really good author I loved it that was the first time I read one of her books and it was wonderful. I liked everything about the book I got up in it like I was a character in the book it was that good I recommend this book to everyone above the 4 th grade at least I guess but I believe u would enjoy this book just like I did I am going to continue to read other book by this author. ^.^

  • Kathy - Good mix of all kinds of contemporary and award winning songs.

    I have purchased the grammy nominees cps for the past several years. It keeps my knowledge of music current so I can relate to my grandchildren! I love all the cds that I have purchased and keep these all in a folder in my iTunes account. Great listening.

  • Alyssa Pavlik - You can find other skin care lines that will work better and will be way cheaper

    Although the skin care line worked OK for my skin, working with Proactiv is a complete nightmare. I cancelled an order and they still charged me for it. When I finally got my refund after two months and sending in a form, they charged me yet again ! They will automatically send a replacement even if you cancel it. They just want to take your money and it is not worth what Proactiv does for your skin.. You can find other skin care lines that will work better and will be way cheaper.