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  • Margarette J. - Impressive!

    Interesting book! This book was exactly what I needed! I was looking for something just like this book that could provide me with all the facts and information that I needed. The tips, tricks and advices within it are very easy to follow so I found it very useful. I like how the author explains things in a way so everyone can understand and I found the book very well written, interesting and educational.

  • Jessica B. - great product

    I am giving this four stars only because of the cost of the product. Otherwise, it would get 5 stars. These probiotic capsules are essential to maintain vaginal health! If you suffer from BV or chronic yeast infections... I highly recommend this product. Constantly taking the flagyl and diflucan pills only messes up your PH levels and kills off the "good" and "bad" bacteria at the same time... It will not make you feel better and you will get a reoccuring infection over time. Please start taking these pills once daily or once every other day (now that Im back in check,I take one pill about 3 to 4 times weekly and I seem to stay balanced.

  • supernet2 - Far exceeds expectations

    This device far exceeds my expectations. Bluetooth is powerful enough to pipe audio data to the device, it has a AUX in port, and the fact it supports microSD with native support for *.mp3 is great.

  • C. Kudym - Can't get it to work with my guitar

    Fired it up, applied all PS3 updates went through the menu and when I made it to the tuning section I could not get it to tune on the first string. I read through forums, tried all sorts of variations and still couldn't get it to work. I submitted a support request from UBI so maybe I'll update it if I can get it to work. I read some threads that said it could be a bad cable.

  • Seaa Shorea - w31 Front Mats Scion tc Coupe bad design

    We bought these mats for my Scion and the holes do not line up with the tabs that hold them in place and keep them from moving under the gas petal. We thought by buying these expensive mats that we would have a perfect fit. Customer service says they don't make custom mats if so why do you have to tell them exactly what car they are for. I could have spent 20.00 at Walmart and had a pair that would have fit the same or even better. Why do they put the holes in and sell them to you if the holes are not in the right place. What car do they fit? Not mine.Customer service is usless. No satisfaction. BUYER BEWARE.

  • Henry - Airborne efervescent

    I've been using this product for about 5 years. Works great stopping a colds progress if taken at first sign of cold.

  • Amazon Customer - 2014 - 2016 1500 Silverado WeatherTech front floor mats

    Fit the truck perfect but I wish that they said a set of mats for the front like they do the rear where a piece of the floor mat would cover the hump in the center to protect it from being dirty also seeing as there is not a four by four shifter on the floor. That's the only disappointment with the WeatherTech that's why I didn't order the rear set