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  • Mr. Binky 3000 - ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!!!!

    Do not buy this piece of junk. At first, I could not get it to install. It kept deleting temp files before the installer could use them, so I had to copy the entire temp folder to my desktop and tell the installer where to find the files for a bunch of files. Then, it said my certificate was corrupt and that I should re-install. Did so, twice, before contacting support. They had a .bat file to fix that in their support website. I finally got the program to run, but it runs VERY VERY VERY painfully slow and eats up all the cycles on a brand new dual core 64 bit windows 7 home premium edition machine. It was so slow it was unusable. Clicks took a second or more to register. Some mouse clicks turned into inadvertant click-and-drags. Changing a chapter title in the MyDVD portion of the software caused instant computer freeze. So, I tried to get a refund from their website and the link for a refund is BURIED 6 clicks deep, and when you finally click on the link, you get a website server error. They can't even run their own website. These guys are con artists. DO NOT BUY THIS SOFTWARE. I've uninstall-ed it and I even did a system restore because I'm sure this piece of junk messed up other programs as well. ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!

  • Amazon Customer - Loved this backpack!

    Bought it for my 10 year old daughter who also loved it. Way better than what we could find in the stores. Great price and great size with lots of organizer stuff. The pockets are big enough so she can put books, lunch & personal stuff as well as tie her jacket or umbrella on to the outside. Fabric seems nice and strong. She'll use it for school next year so we'll see how it stands up. Delivery was problem free. Would definitely buy again.