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The Asthma Society of Canada - The Asthma Society of Canada presents a guide on how to live with asthma through education and proper treatment

  • Newsroom - The Asthma Society of Canada - Here you can find out what�s happening in Canadian asthma research, advocacy and legislation. Read the current and archived articles about asthma and sign-up for the free e-newsletter!

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -84.3005 Georgia, United States

  • Product junkie 22 - The best shampoo I have ever used

    I got this as a sample from Peter Thomas Roth and loved it. I tried to buy it on their website but the product was sold out. I found it and purchased it from Amazon. The price was the same but the shipping was free.

  • Tracy - Awesome vitamin's, Very good flavor and they really work

    Awesome vitamin's, Very good flavor and they really work. My nails are growing and are NOT breaking!!

  • Freddie - In a city of a thousand bananas there is always a story

    It's was a night like every other. Too many cigarettes and not enough work. Clients were as rare as hens teeth, these days. It seemed word got out that I was getting sloppy. "Mr banana fingers", they called me behind my back. "He's losing his touch", they'ed whisper. But when you've sliced as many as i have you'd get soft too. Fat chance I was retiring now. Not with a '57 convertible half way paid off and a tab at the banana stand on 4th that was well past its shelf life. I was a one punch palooka half way to loserville, smelling like cheap cologne and broken dreams.

  • Fluckduffy - A good bag, but philosophy trumps usefulness

    Having had a few messenger bags over the years, I have some comments about this one. This is my first Timbuk2 bag, and it has some real positives (and weaknesses)

  • Patricia - Great Movie and Great Video Quality

    This is a very well made movie with amazing graphics. The HD makes the picture absolutely incredible. For the extra buck I would definitely go for it! Pop some popcorn and prepare for a great action packed movie!

  • Narin S. - It's easy to use

    It's easy to use! And reads everything at close range! Love the fact that it's non-contact because past experiences using a temporal scan thermometer was a pain trying to use it on a fussy infant.

  • Kimberly Thomas - I even liked more than one passive income ideas [suggested] that might ...

    I have been reading books about passive income ideas but none seem to have caught my interest until I found and read the contents of this book. I even liked more than one passive income ideas [suggested] that might actually work for me and so I'm definitely give one of them a try. A well-written book and a must-read for those who wanted to have a few ideas of good passive income ideas.