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  • douglas2w - Way to go

    What an exposé. I can't begin to imagine what the various protagonists went through. South Africa needs so much more of this sort of revelation!

  • julie g grimes - Superior Floss

    My periodontist recommended I get this floss. After using it for about a month I can attest it removes particles other floss leaves behind. I even did an experiment where I flossed with a regular floss, then Cocofloss immediately after and the Cocofloss picked up more tiny particles. Something about the way it is woven, or the fibers or something. I like the flavor too but that is secondary.

  • Laurie Oh - I love this Place!!!

    There is a magic in R. S. Grey’s A Place in the Sun that transports the reader to a quaint village on the gorgeous Italian coast and lets us experience it via all five senses without ever leaving our chairs. From there it only gets better. This book a sweet, funny, witty romance with characters who are desperately in need of change in their own lives and as per her usual, R. S. Grey does a brilliant job of weaving this story.

  • USTPC - Good Product, Could Be A Great Product

    I was Zone Alarm user until two years ago. Norton 360 was rated the best security product in Consumer Reports and it was cheaper than Zone Alarm at the time so I purchased it. I made the right decision. :-) This has a lot of good security features (anti-spam, anti-virus, firewall protection, ad blocker, parental control, etc.). It also has identity safe which I love. I create passwords that are complicated - numbers, lower and upper case letters, symbols, etc. Rather than have to keep a list which I then need to lockup or hide Identity Safe allows me to enter the website, user name, and password one time and then when I go to most websites it will automatically fill in user name and password. This means I only have to remember two passwords - One to log onto my computer and one to log into Identity Safe. I can also upload the passwords to the Norton Cloud Server which means if my computer dies I still have my passwords. The best part is that the system resources used are minimal (a big improvement over prior versions).