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home - Antler furniture are either manufactured completely from antlers, or furniture which are decorated with antler pieces from the stag, deer, fallow deer...

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  • KARRI - It's working

    I'm using Lipozene with a low calorie diet & exercise program, I've dropped 8.2 pounds in 7 days. I also like it doesn't make you feel buzzed like a lot of diet pills do.

  • Mr. E - Quickly Debunked Snake Oil

    As an electrical engineer and someone who has studied Electromagnetics, radio transmissions, and circuits, I can tell you with absolute certainty that this device does absolutely nothing to protect you or help you in any manner beyond a placebo effect.

  • Amazon Customer - PC Version: Incredible tool with just a few short-comings

    This is my first experience with the Rocksmith brand and I have to say I'm really excited for what it is, what it's doing for my guitar playing, and what the future of the franchise holds.