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Active Voice – sharp, pointed, often witty commentary on current events in Jamaica, the Caribbean, India and the world - sharp, pointed, often witty commentary on current events in Jamaica, the Caribbean, India and the world

  • Hard Woman fe Dead – Active Voice - Prince Buster died on September 8 this year, roughly two weeks ago. I remember feeling a deep  sense of loss all day long into the next few days that was exacerbated by the scant attention local media was giving the news. On the day of the latter-day superstar’s death radio and TV newscasts in Jamaica…
  • Much Law, No Order – Active Voice - We slavishly practice the letter of the law and studiously ignore its spirit, especially if financial blandishments are on offer. As a friend observed on Facebook recently, “I love how TVJ follows an ad for Black Stallion "Bedroom Tonic" with a public service announcement about how the program is rated PG. At 8:50 on a…

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  • LilMissMolly - Light hearted enjoyable read!

    No Such Luck by Caitlin McKenna is a light hearted enjoyable read. The story centers around Riley, who is a 20-something Bostonian. After being dumped by her long term boyfriend, Riley takes a 10-day vacation Scotland. While there, she meets a strange Caribbean woman who puts a curse on her. After returning home, and experiencing several really bad dates, Riley sees the Carribean woman again - in Boston. The rest of the story is Riley trying to put an end to the curse with much comediac effect. I received a digital copy of this book from Kindle Scout.

  • Amazon Customer - I continue to absolutely love this series

    Sure, we can argue fine points on this season's episodes. Some plot lines stretch credulity (the homeless shelter set up in a home for sale for one)but the acting is just so wonderful. William H. Macy continues to amaze. The other cast members have developed their respective characters beautifully. I'm hooked!

  • J. M. Ca girl - I cannot recommend this for older women

    I cannot recommend this for older women. You might lose your balance and break a hip. Also people with lower back problems. Use at your own risk! Not as easy at they make it look!