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  • Ben Davis - Poison. Marketing product. Ponzi scheme. Buys its ...

    Poison. Marketing product. Ponzi scheme. Buys its spokesmen. froning is a sell out. Soon to be billionaire CEO. Average distributer sells their soul and makes 1.3k a month.

  • Kirk M - Fit perfectly on my 2013 F150 XLT Super Crew Cab

    Fit perfectly on my 2013 F150 XLT Super Crew Cab. Installed in about 15 minutes. Clamps hold the cover securely even on the interstate at high speeds. I gained around 3mpg with this. It will pay for itself in no time. Keeps rain and snow out of the bed very well.

  • Lynxrunner - Binding broken on arrival

    Agree with the other reviews that the pages are thinner or less glossy (comparing to the FA 2013). When it arrived in the mail, "new," they were also "rumpled" like they've been wet, and the binding was already falling apart in the middle. (Edit: pages now detaching completely from the broken middle seam before first pass has been completed). If your book arrives in poor condition I would suggest trying to get an exchange before you mark on any pages or get a copy store to put a ring binding on it... I would have taken that short delay over the last couple of months I get to spend studying a book that is falling apart. Content good as always.

  • Gina - Made me sick

    Made me sick - vomited shortly after taking - made my stomach really sick. The rest of the day, I felt buzzed. Not high per se, but just weird - not like the day before or even prior to taking. I then later felt dizzy - not a good feeling overall. It's the following morning after taking just 1 pill the day prior and my stomach is still a bit queasy. Also, it did make me feel sick at first - but later - I was more ravenously hungry than normal, which I fould peculiar.

  • Nikki A - This treadmill is awesome!!

    I bought this treadmill (older digital deck- less bells and whistles) in 2008 or 2009. Still an excellent buy- outstanding quality. Anyone that has tried my Sole treadmill loves it. Seriously better than most gym machines.