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  • chris beisler - Jury is still out......

    This is the second one of these I've purchased. Overall good quality and easy to install. I think it needs another set of attachment brackets in the center, last one came off while I was doing 70 down the interstate..... Now I added a small C-clamp to keep the center from rising and taking flight.

  • limphair - Keep your money

    Keep your money. The product is pure junk. It made my fine hair greasy and limp. Who wants to take a cold shower at 5:30 in the morning? If that's what it takes to use this crap-forget it.

  • amsol - Ultimate Scar Cream

    purchased this cream to help with my wife's new scars from a recent surgery & a few of my old scars from sports. We choose this scrub because of the ingredients, for all the items it helps & promotes, the positive reviews and that it is 100% natural. So far we are please with how it works & helps in the areas we wanted.

  • Nobody - Works well for me, highly recommended !!

    General speaking, antenna strengthen signal is really depending on where you put it and where you are located. I gave them 4 stars because I have tried two places, and it works quite well. First, I place it in my window (5/F from apartment), I can receive many crystal clear signal. Second, I place it in my shop sticking it on my glass window (G/F), I can also receive many good channels (besides Mexican channels). Therefore, I rate this 4-Star.

  • Victoria J. - A must-have college guide

    Great book. Comprehensive and well organized. It was full of useful information and presented it in a very easy to understand fashion.

  • LadyRox - I love that these keep my nails long and strong.

    I love these! I take these mostly for my fingernails I have long nails and want to keep it that way.