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  • Trilobite - Best note-taking program EVER

    Beautiful. Just beautiful. It's intuitive and has a crayon box -- something I've missed since I was 10. I use it with the 

  • G. Kent - Very nice and low cost

    These fit perfect and work very well. Highly recommend for RAV4 owners.. Easy to set up. I use the back one to mount a ham radio antenna. A Larsen NMO mount will fit into it perfectly. Beats drilling a hole in the roof. You do need to attach a ground cable to the car body as the ends attached to the rails are plastic. Can easlily support a Yaesu ATAS-120A.

  • CHRISTA - It really works!

    My hair has always been extremely slow to grow and gets easily damaged. I was skeptical but when I saw this I figured I'd give it a try. I was shocked because it really works! I drink an ounce every day and now my hair's been growing great! Even my hairstylist noticed and asked what I was doing different because my hair was longer and healthier than ever before. I even put it on my skin and within a week I had a healthy glow and improved complexion. It tastes great but does leave a bit of an after taste so sometimes I'll add it to juice. And as with any high potency vitamin you don't want to drink it on an empty stomach. I drink it at the end of the day.

  • Ozark DC9 - horrible experience

    What happened to Jackie C is exactly what happened to me!!! I had new Bruce hardwood floors installed last year. They have a nice shine to them, so when I saw "Rejuvenate" I thought, perfect. I applied it to the floor, and indeed, initially, it looked really nice. But only after a few weeks, something was noticeably wrong. There were white splotches and areas that looked like they were a creamy, dull color. I was really perplexed. I had the guys come out who installed the floor to look at it and he immediately knew what the problem was--it was the Rejuvenate. He brought some Bruce hardwood cleaner, and also told me to go buy a small soft putty knife. He also told me to get Odorless Mineral Spirits. So for the past two days, I have been spraying a combination of the mineral spirits,water, and the Bruce floor care cleaner on my floor, let it sit for awhile, and then I am able to scrape the Rejuvenate off with the putty knife. An amazingly frustrating and time consuming experience.