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  • Bder Khan - This book was stupid...

    Who wants this anyways? I bought this because my parents forced me to during summer vacation so that I wouldn't forget Geometry even though I am taking advanced computer science over the summer for college credit. You will not need to buy this book because usually you take geometry for ONE YEAR it is just stupid things, basically all algebra. If anything, buy an algebra textbook or something because all of the stuff in this book I all ready knew. So there is no need to buy it for your kid. On the other hand if you are an old parent or something and want to learn some basic math this would be a descent book to purchase, but still buy some of the algebra books anyway because they have more things to learn.

  • Amanda McFarland - This cream is amazing. It leaves my skin feeling healthy and relieves ...

    I have fibromyalgia and am always on the lookout for something to help with my pain. This cream is amazing. It leaves my skin feeling healthy and relieves a great deal of my pain.

  • mhoskie - radiator

    The product I purchased is exactly what I needed. Great pricing! Great deal! I had no problems installing my new radiator. Thank you Amazon!

  • Meanderingman - Poorest Customer Support Ever!

    I am computer literate, but not a geek. I purchased mine directly from Acronis. I have two identical notebook computers running Windows 7 and two identical backup drives. Acronis worked on one computer, but on the other was unable to make a drive image--Acronis called it a snapshot. I contacted tech support, which turned out to be a nightmare--spent several frustrating hours trying to interpret and perform extremely complex instructions before giving up and using another backup program.

  • MichiganCamper - Easy to Follow, Love the Results

    I'm on day 5, and I'm loving the food. I can't believe that I am never hungry on this plan because before this, I was always hungry. Many of the negative ratings for this book say that it is too complicated-- it isn't. Just read carefully, and don't begin until you have what you need. Others have said it is unrealistic-- and I couldn't agree less. Get the vitamins from the store, get the weird seeds and the tasty spices. It's only complicated when you compare it to a frozen dinner that you pop in the microwave. Lots of the negative ratings claim that you must buy the Dr's Vitamins. And that is just not true.

  • Amazon Customer - ... growth serum a few weeks ago and really am happy with the product

    I started using BANG eyelash growth serum a few weeks ago and really am happy with the product. I have in the past used Latisse and had amazing eye lashes, however it was expensive and when I stopped I noticed a difference, and had thin, short eye lashes. I as trying to make due with mascara alone, but never really felt satisfied. I started using this and with in a week I noticed my eye lashes were darker, and more noticeable. After a another week I have noticed they are again longer and I'm not frustrated each morning with looking like I have no eye lashes. It come in a tube looking like mascara, and has an easy brush applicator. I just apply the serum to the base of my eye lashes each night before bed, and wash my face normally in the mornings. I do think its an easy product to use, I have found to be cautious about not getting it in your eye, it does cause some irritation, but only for a second. It has been easy to avoid this also by using a mirror. Great product, I plan to continue to us it.