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Country:, North America, US

City: -80.9091 North Carolina, United States

  • Kelly Smith - This stuff is CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have never had an ALLERGIC reaction to makeup EVER! But this my eyes swelled and it was a severe reaction. The whole thing is a scam, very expensive and its GARBAGE!!! Cindy Crawford should be ashamed of herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thomas - Great products, give them time to work.

    Used this product in combination with Anabolic Men Redwood (taken twice daily). At first I thought it wasn't working, but as with most herbal supplements, your body needs to adjust over time. After about 3.5 weeks in, I definitely noticed a change very suddenly - dramatically increased virility and libido, more strength and stamina in the gym. Very happy with the product and would recommend it highly to anyone. Just give it time to work properly.

  • Kathyinozarks - The story line was good-.

    I bought this book since I just finished her two book series a time travel novel about William Wallace-which I totally loved.

  • Kolton Etcheson - It's an excellent product. For the price is projects an excellent ...

    It's an excellent product. For the price is projects an excellent quality picture and it has convinced me to say goodbye to TVs. You can get better projectors by placing them on on angles. This projector is for my bedroom and it is perfect. My friends have looked at it and they also want to purchase one. Great product

  • R. Crain - Great product for anyone who has a septic system.

    I have used this product for years and have never had a problem with the septic system, so it must be doing its job. There is an old saying "you can pay me now or you can pay me more later", This is a proactive way to prevent expensive pumping of your septic tank and this is also a great value.

  • RealG - partial success

    we have used this around kitchen island and have seen struggling roaches in the morning on the floor. but after couple of applications in last month we do still think there is a roach nest behind our dishwasher and somehow they have not all died/gone away!