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  • Psalm 90:10-12 - It helps!

    I was experiencing some freaky vision disturbances ... Like having a light on with the bulb exposed REALLY bothered my eyes. My vision was blurrier after my daughter was born also. I have tendencies to anxiety so this and some other things were freaking me out a lot. I took this supplement and those issues went away and rarely I'll experience them again. I would recommend it. I use it occasionally because I'm trying to not take a million supplements all the time with their lack of regulation.

  • lizzy moe - Fast Shipping

    Fast shipping! This product doesnt make you go to the bathroom like other products do and thats why I love it. Great product to have on hand if you feel like having a cheat meal.

  • Anita - Absolutely wonderful.

    Like three pieces of gently warmed bronze, these three boys just glow. They don't have to prove anything to anyone. Their music speaks for itself. Okay, yeah, maybe the voices are a little thin and harmonies not always there, but to me, that doesn't mar the performance at all. They are outspoken, playful, yet with deep purpose. A must for the long-time fan as well as the newbie.

  • L. Syler - Disappointed

    I was so excited to get this pan and be able to cook without butter or oils. Unfortunately if you do, everything will stick. Definitely not like the commercial and not nonstick. Very disappointed!!!

  • GNMN - Great trekking and hiking pole

    Great trekking and hiking pole! Very useful when I used it for my recent hike. It's very easy to use, and very convenient that it's expandable. You can also customize it depending on what type of hike you are doing. I will be taking with me to many adventures. Thank yo so much! I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Caleb Vogt - Great book

    Provides a comprehensive overview of the science needed for the MCAT. It won't substitute for taking good classes to get this knowledge, but it is a great way to review and brush up on some of the things you may forget.

  • Steve Mahoney - Great learning tool for investing

    Warren has a way of explaining the financial concepts as they affected his businesses over time. While the letters are available on the website, this book creates a concise collection to review. Great for investors as well as CxOs that want to have a deeper engagement of business. The big picture is the critical item. The Journey is the Reward in Business.