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  • Jorge Guillermo Calderon - Fits perfect

    ...But in the inside the material that hold the velcro is loose and is really uncomfortable to rearrange the panels. The protection is OK

  • Alan B. Cring - Do not use this software

    Yeah, last year, tax year 2012, I filed for my corporation with this trash. I filled out Form 2553 to elect S Corp status. After I filed electronically, the print-out of my forms showed the Form 2553 along with all the other documents. Turns out, TurboTax for Business doesn't file that form electronically. No warning. It just didn't file it. Now, for tax year 2013, the IRS does not recognize my company as an S Corp, and I'm in hot water. I bought that "audit defense" product, and I can't even find a way to use it. I called the number that was in the receipt for it, and some totally clueless young woman told me she didn't have any information about the product, but she'd give me a Website link via e-mail. That turned out to be a dead link. I finally found a Website from TurboTax to the audit defense site, but all I could find there was a phone number back to the same place where I'd talk to Rocket Science Girl. There was also an e-mail link, and when I sent a message to that e-mail address, it got returned to me. If I had the money, I'd sue TurboTax. If I had a government with a real consumer protection agency, I'd file a complaint in a heartbeat.

  • Polly - Don't pass this one up!

    My 1st Subaru was an Outback. I used to drive low to the ground 2 seaters, e.g., MGB, TRs; the Outback actually corners as well as a one of those low slung sporty vehicles. I loved it. Got stopped a few times for speeding so for my second I got a Forester. Love it as well. My next care (If I live that long) will be another Outback. You cannot go wrong with a Subaru. Absolutely the best vehicle made.