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  • elissa - Amazing study guide for Pharmacy tech exam

    I ordered this product as my daughter is a senior in high school but is dually enrolled in votech and has to take her pharmacy exam at the end of the school year so she can be a licensed Pharmacy tech whiile she is in school to be a Pharmacist. She was jumping up and down literally after getting this book because she has all year to practice the material and hopefully pass on her first try.

  • TruthfulFeedback - I wanted to love this mattress

    I feel very heavy hearted writing this review. I wanted to love this mattress; I am definitely the target market for the elegant design and excellent customer service of Casper. I ended up purchasing via Amazon Prime since Casper was out of stock. This gave me only 30 days to try the mattress. I am 5'8" and 123 lbs. The Casper site says this mattress is good for two adults each up to 250 lbs. I really feel like BMI is the most important indicator, and I definitely fell below the undefined minimum. I have been sleeping on foam mattresses for 10+ yrs. My first out of college was the Sultan Tuvebo from Ikea; it served me well (probably not environmentally friendly but was certainly a cheap comfy option). Since I did not purchase through Casper, I was not eligible to receive the extra latex layer they had been offering as a pilot program. There is no way to buy this extra layer from them or receive it from Amazon, and Casper did not think it would help given how hard the bed was for me personally. Amazon customer service handled the return well once I got the U.S. on the phone as this was way too complicated for the foreign offices. Once I unzipped the mattress, I was also thoroughly disappointed with the quality of the base layer foam; it fell apart in my nails. For those who like American made foam mattresses at a reasonable price, I would recommend Select Foam. They also offer 90 day trial and will give you a recommendation based on BMI. If you happen to live in Miami, they have a store front on Calle Ocho called Brickell Mattress. I'm sorry I strayed from them; my neck paid the price.

  • Dylan - More than happy, exceeded my expectations

    I just received this watch today no more than a few hours ago, but I did plenty of research on what it is capable of, specifically when considering phone platforms like Apple versus Android.

  • Slinda - How to begin to database like the big boys

    I started with database programs in the 80's. And began learnng to write expressions with a dos based program called Q&A, so know what it is to sit at a computer screen and growl at it when it doesn't do what you tell it. maybe it wouldn't surprise you if I told you Jo public thinks I'm a crazy person to have bought this program again and to use it, rather than the more basic types, esp since I"m not working, or self employed at the moment. But I'm specific as hell, and wanted something that would offer me power and choices-those that aren't illegal or immoral, that is.

  • Mrs Dogood - Jon Ronson has long been my favorite author and he does not disappoint with this follow ...

    Jon Ronson has long been my favorite author and he does not disappoint with this follow up to "Them: Adventures with Extremists." It contains his humor and his unique point of view. He can really draw some fascinating material from his subjects. His ability to connect with (sometimes absolutely loathsome) people and get them to open up makes for the best parts of his books. I hope he continues to write in his incredibly entertaining, thought-provoking and informative style for many years to come. I anxiously await every new work. I've also spoken to him during a book tour and he was a lovely person.

  • Montayj - Socially Responsible and Can Flow

    J. Cole is officially the first new rap artist that I have ever bought. After I saw what he did with the shelter for women I was like I can spend my money with him even if I don't listen to the album because I know it's not being wasted. An artist that cares about his social responsibility and not just hi-capping. BTW, the album is nice.