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  • W. Johnson - Seems solid and not annoying. I upgraded from Office 2010 Business for a ...

    Seems solid and not annoying. I upgraded from Office 2010 Business for a new computer with Windows 10 Pro and would not have updated if I didn't give my old computer with office to my Mom. I'm calling this 4 1/2 stars. I can't round up to five because I think the software is too bloated and its still too hard to do the most common things - but this version's interface is slightly better than Office 2010 and the ribbon options to show/not show are better. If you don't like the ribbon you don't have to use it and if you do you can.

  • Shawn - Great Diffuser

    I really want to give this diffuser 5 stars but a slight flicker to the lighting system drops it to a very solid 4 stars. Overall the diffuser works really well. I have another one that is almost a carbon copy of this one save for the way the mist comes out of the top of this one and at a angle forward out of the other. I defintely prefer this one to the other. With the mist being directed essentially straight up the mist diffuses much better and doesn't settle straight to the ground. For the price the fan used in the base works well and is almost imperceptible. I would assume it would be louder for how well it works but it isn't. While there are much more expensive models on the market, if you are looking for something for a small open room or a closed medium sized room this one does the trick. The lighting is actually really nice. Colors can be adjusted individually and from a bright to a dimmer setting for each color. You can also choose to have the device change from one color to the next automatically. The colors themselves are soft and relaxing. I placed this is my kids room and they did not wake up as they would from something brighter. I put it in our room and it didn't hinder me falling asleep in anyway. Now back to that only complaint is a slight flicker to the lighting. I thought maybe it was the outlet I was using but I've noticed it at all 3 outlets I've tried. Here's the thing, probably 80% of the people wouldn't notice or care about it. As I'm a touch OCD I picked up on it immediately. Interestingly enough though I've taken the approach that the ever so slight flicker is what a candle flame does and I've convinced myself that it is actually soothing. So in the end it works out just fine. Your mileage may vary. If you're leaning on the fence one way or the other on a cheap yet functional diffuser just jump down and buy it. You'll be happy you did. Please note that I received this product at a discount with the expectation that I provide a fair and objective review which you see above.

  • J. Sullivan - did nothing

    save your money, do not waste it on this cream, it is no better than anything you buy at the corner drugstore,could not tell that it did anything for my skin

  • Nikki - five stars

    This is my first portable charger. I charge this one time for a few hours and can then charge my phone several times without the inconvenience of being tethered to a wall. I absolutely love this item. It is so convenient for airport trips and long flights. I received a sample of this product from the manufacturer to give a detailed review of the user experience and how to improve the product. But I have been purchasing them as gifts for family members because it is so convenient.

  • mizuno - <3 Speck

    Speck makes some of the best iphone cases out there! they are fully protective and stylish. People ask me all the time what brand case I use when they see the speck case on my iPhone. It also has that lip on the front that prevents scratching while the phone is face down on the table.

  • ciara - really does help :)

    I suffer from severe allergies. N O N E of the '24' hour relief allergy medications (all of them...even the store brands)did anything for me. Only benedril worked...and we all know how that makes you feel.. tired, brain dead, and dehydrated. Buttttt.. I did what I had to so I wasn't in complete misery. I had to take the full dose '2' benedril :

  • Corey L. Gerulis - I should have trusted the negative reviews

    All the reviews said the Hero 3 had issues. I waited a few months to purchase figuring they would have worked the bus out, I was wrong. The camera turned on then froze up. I followed the online fix (software update) but the camera was so locked up that it couldn't accept an update. Buy a Hero 2 (I have had one for a year and it works perfectly) I was reaching for the incredible specs of the Hero 3 Black Edition, I guess I'll have to wait for the published specs to become reality.