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    This is the ONLY product that will clean my brass bar sink. When I found it on the internet ( I thought they had gone out of business),

  • scotty71 - Playing House of Fun

    I love playing House of Fun games since they change and are never boring. Come on and play and have some fun

  • Whales & Dolphins - Worse health now after taking the product

    When I realized I have IBS w/ slow bowel motility, I began taking probiotics. I started my first month with Udo Flora brand. It worked within two days. I only switched my second month to Align because I became intrigued by the positive reviews. I did some research and saw that Proctor & Gamble makes this product which made me hugely skeptical, since it is a very opaque and profit-driven company. I also can't easily find a list of ingredients on their website--case in point. As per usual Proctor & Gamble products, they don't make much information on their products available. It makes me think they use bad quality ingredients. Anyway, when the product arrived, I was disappointed to see it contains milk ingredients. I am vegan. I tried it anyway in a fervor of wishful thinking that it would improve my digestive health. I have been taking it daily for almost four weeks, and I am more bloated and irregular than I was two months ago, before I began taking probiotics. Once again, I went to the Align website to see how many billions of bacterial cells this product has, and I could not find it easily. I finally found that there are only one billion live cells at time of manufacturing. No wonder it doesn't work. Other products give you about 20 billion. What you can count on receiving from P&G regarding Align is insulting to the average consumer's intelligence. Here is the typical language they use (when looking at what to expect week by week when taking Align): "If you have been taking Align every day, you should be noticing that it's easy to add to your daily routine. You're working to help support a healthy digestive system, so keep it up."

  • TAS_XVX - Good game, great price.

    This is a good game for anyone that is a fan of the WWE or even a fan of wrestling/action themed games. Honestly, with the game only costing approximately 8 bucks, you might as well buy it. Its worth the money.