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    I've used pads, tampons, moon cup and other reuseable menstral cups over the years and always come back to Instead. After having my baby in 2010 my cycle is extremely heavy. Ultra tampons were lasting only 2 hours before leaks that resulted in a wardrobe change. Overnight absorbency pads would leak after an hour and half. Switched back to these after moths of struggling and the difference was noticeable right away. Now I can go 3 to 4 hours, on a heavy day, before having to empty (not even full then I just get paranoid about leaks). And 7-8 hours on my lighter days (would be the equivalent of a motorate to heavy day for most). As far as I'm concerened these are the best things since menopause!

  • markus sroczynski - Facials are fun and easy to use! Great results.

    These facials are so moisturizing and really tighten my skin to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! I use them before going out, just 45min and they work great! I really love the smell too because the are all natural, Non-GMO, botanically infused! I get mine fresh and straight from the source at so I know they are not expired or knock offs. has excellent products and customer service and satisfaction. I believe they are even cheaper if you do the 90 day challenge 💚

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    This conditioner penetrates my scalp I love the stimulating tingiling feeling on my scalp. I can feel my hair and scalp take in the moisture.