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  • T. L. - Love it

    This grinder works well and seems to be of very good quality. I like the options of size and amount of coffee to grind.

  • phil - Great budget camcorder

    The camcorder already comes with the battery installed and a little bit of charge. You will need to charge it after turning it on for the first time.

  • Larry h. - has not slowed the leak in my rear main any ...

    has not slowed the leak in my rear main any. i have been waiting for paper work to get a refund for a couple of weeks. How about some help?

  • Marvin Powell - A Review and a Rant: SimCity 2013

    SimCity had SO much great potential to be everything we all wanted and more. Unfortunately, EA had to decide to give us players absolutely nothing that we wanted and make us "rent" their game at the cost of sixty dollars minimum in order to actually use it, rather than own it.

  • Ev's Boutique - This is seriously the BEST biotin vitamin I have ever used that actually works

    This is seriously the BEST biotin vitamin I have ever used that actually works, plus I can't get over how inexpensive it is. Don't expect this biotin vitamin or any other for that matter (regardless what other companies clam) to work over night. It typically takes 3 months to see results (being patient to start seeing results was the hard part), but once you start to see growth in areas that are thinning, it keeps growing like wildflower! I used to take only one 10,000mcg, but my hairdresser said I could take up to five 10,000mcg's for more growth (faster). Well, I did and within two weeks, my hair grew almost an inch from my previous haircut (no kidding). I will never spend a ridiculous amount of money on another biotin vitamin product again! Thank you sooooo much for selling a product that actually REALLY works and at a great price! You have a cutomer for life!

  • Dummie 1 - Excel 2010 for Dummies

    The book is way over rated. I wouldn't purchase it again. The author assumes far too much base-line knowledge, i.e one needs to acquire a Excel "primer for dummies" before taking on the book.