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City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • Steve Coakley - Great For Watching 20 Yr. Old TV Shows & 10 Yr. Old Movies

    It's cheap and convenient for watching movies or old TV shows and most are in HD but they hardly ever have anything I'm looking for and never have anything new. They tend to have cheap knock off copies of hit movies that were made for TV. If you search for Transformers you will find a really bad one called Transmorphers! I did find Transformers Dark of the Moon, which surprised me, but most of the other movies are 10 yrs. old or more. I had to dump Netflix when it quit working on Century Link DSL and would only buffer all the time and never play.

  • Larry L. Zellner - The Truth About America

    This is an outstanding book. The authors are Christian and present the case for the return of Christ,soon. Most people, even those who claim to be Christian, have no idea how close the return of Christ is.

  • Kindle Customer - Must have spray repellant! I'll never go without it again.

    We just had the horrifying experience of dealing with lice in our house. If your like me your probably buying every product you can find that has the word "lice" in it. If so, stay calm and please trust me, half those products you'll never use so save your money. Treat your heads, do the tedious comb through, and after it's all over...just use this spray every day on your kids head so you never have to relive this nightmare again. It smells strong, but for me that's reassuring because if I can't smell it, I can't wholeheartedly trust it's working. I spray my daughter's head like crazy every morning while standing up in the kitchen, then we move to another room right away to brush through it so she's not breathing in the lingering smell. Now I'll tell you I have 3 repellent sprays I bought, they all probably work but they all leave her hair looking very greasy. So it's not ideal to use daily. This spray leaves her hair looking silky, not greasy, and it's a great detangler! I have even used on a day where she didn't get to take a bath the night before and still after using it on unwashed hair it does not look greasy. I love this spray and use it myself everyday as well. One other piece of advice I'd give to that panicking mother. Buy tea tree oil. Add it to shampoo and conditioner for ever! And you should never have this problem again.

  • Carl - These hoses are amazing.

    I bought a couple 20 years ago, and they are as good today as they were then. I've bought a few other brands of hoses too, but they lasted only a few years. If you spread their price over the years, these hoses are actually cheaper. They are also more reliable. I often keep them under pressure for months without ever having a blow out. I own about 10 of them now. Nothing else.

  • Laurel - Product does what it says it will do

    I have been using this since April 2012 for hair loss due to side effect from medication. This shampoo works!