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  • Stevie - Haan SI-70

    I have now been using the Haan SI-70 for about 6 months. I love it. It meets my expectations. I bought it after reviewing and reading reviews on a number of machines. Consumer Reports had listed an earlier version as their top pick but mentioned several negative issues such as a weak handle. As soon as I put this machine together, it was as though they had read the same article and gone back to the drawing board and made the necessary corrections. The only issue that will never be solved is having a long enough cord. Really not an issue of importance to me and easily resolved with a longer extension cord or a smaller house.

  • Janelstarz - So soft!

    If you are looking for the softest sports towel ever, you have found it! I ordered this sports towel in the grey and green color. I love the neutral look of the sports towel, it is a good medium to dark grey towel and nothing compares to how soft this towel feels against your skin. The sports towel is super absorbent microfiber material. If you have never used microfiber before, it is a super comfortable material that is very light weight. You can get this towel wet or have it soak up liquid and the towel will dry really quickly. Microfiber is used a lot for drying off cars once they are washed because they will absorb so much water yet they dry so quickly. The material is also machine washable so you can throw it in your washing machine and clean it any time you want. So if you are in sports and you are using this to wipe off sweat, you can wash it often without damaging the towel. I love that this towel comes with a nice carry case. The bottom half of the carry case is a solid black material and the top half of the carry bag is a netted material. Because it is so light weight and compact it is easy and comfortable to take anywhere as it doesn't take up much space and it is not heavy when carrying. I know you are going to love this sports towel it really is the best! I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. If you found this review helpful please click Yes below.

  • Jake - CLEP is the Worst Experience of My Life

    CLEP is Absolutely Horrible!! You have to fill-out reams of Surveys, as you're Enrolling for it. They want your blood-type, your Parent's Maiden names, any Secret fetishes you have, as well as quite possibly your first born, before you are ever allowed to take it. Minimally-invasive went completely out the door. Will make you Late, if you're trying to enroll at home, thinking that it'll just take a few minutes, or a reasonable amount of time. Such is Not the case, with the CLEP. Also, when you get done, you have to fill-out an extenuating Survey—once again---in which they ask you quite possibly a billion questions, holding you Ransom, before allowing you to Finish the Test. If you are in a hurry, or have a Compressed Schedule, that does Not concern them. I would say, Forget about the CLEP, altogether. They are Not interested in if you are a working person, or have Family, they are only there to waste your time. As in the case of the English Exam, you will not get to see any of your Results, anyway, and they will hold you in Suspense for several weeks, wondering the Results of their deplorable Test. Their endless non-sensical, pointless and utterly-time consuming, confusing going nowhere Voicemail System will give you Migraines, even if you've Never suffered from them, before. You will most certainly not get any help there, anyway, and will hang-up the Phone in utter frustration and desperation. You may even become Socially-Isolated, after that Traumatic Experience that is their Voicemail system. Their pdf "Master The CLEP" is the only Adobe Acrobat document ever created by man which does not have Clickable-Links in the Table-of-Contents. Basically, I'd much more enjoy being Waterboarded, a thousand times over than to ever have to put Myself through that tremendously Traumatic experience, Ever Again, that which is the College Board's CLEP program.

  • M. M. - Opens up the sinuses

    This stuff works so great. It opens up my sinus and allows me to breath through my nose again when sick. I have completely quit using Vicks in favor of this. I also love the old school looking tin it comes in.

  • Gigi - Very helpful

    I just took the GRE and got good scores- this book was a huge help. It breaks down how the test works and has good tips. I used it in conjunction with other books; I don't think it would have sufficed on its own. It clearly explained everything and gave me a better understanding how the GRE really works. My only complaint was that there was a section for new sentence completion questions- those questions are not yet on the test so I wish I had not spent the time studying for them. They DID show up on the experimental test at the end, so I assume they will be appearing on the actual test at some point.

  • ChicagoBoyRN - Best Mouthwash, Best Price!!!

    This is by far the best mouthwash in the market. I have very sensitive gums to the point they are bleeding. I was given Peridex (Prescription) from the dentist for 2 months. Was looking for a similar mouthwash to the Peridex. This is alcohol free, does not cause harm to your gums.