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Home - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - ACT treats addiction to opioid drugs. Physician visits are covered by OHIP. No waiting list. No fees to join. Many locations. Click for more info.

  • ACT Brantford 193 Colborne Street - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - Colborne Street East near the library and city hall. Street parking available on Colborne Street East in front of the clinic. Contact info here.
  • ACT Guelph 84 Carden Street - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - Carden Street across from the train and bus terminal. Street parking available on Carden Street by city hall. Contact info here.
  • ACT Hamilton 1440 Main Street - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - Entrance on Crosthwaite Avenue South. Free parking at the clinic entrance and in the plaza by the pharmacy. Contact info here.
  • ACT Hamilton 225 John Street - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - Located in the plaza inside the IDA Pharmacy. Park for free directly in front of the pharmacy. Pay parking also available. Contact info here.
  • ACT Hamilton 664 Barton Street - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - On Barton Street East between Kinrade Avenue and Sherman Avenue North. Meter parking available in front of the clinic. Contact info here.
  • ACT Hamilton 928 Barton Street - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - On the corner of Barton Street East and Cavell Avenue in the IDA pharmacy. Free parking in the lot behind the building. Contact info here.
  • ACT Kingston 166 Division Street - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - Enter the clinic from Garrett Street. Parking available in the plaza parking lot. Meter parking available on Garrett Street. Contact info here.
  • ACT Kingston 3079 Princess Street - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - In the white Pharmacy building on Princess Street. Free parking available. For contact information and hours click here.
  • ACT Kitchener 91 Queen Street - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - In the plaza on the corner of Charles Street East and Queen 2nd floor. Pay parking in the Green P Garage across the road. Contact info here.
  • ACT Peterborough 226 Charlotte Street - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - On Charlotte Street near Aylmer Street North. Meter parking is available on the street and in the municipal lot across the road. Contact info here.
  • ACT Toronto 1288 Danforth Avenue - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - On Danforth around the corner from Greenwood TTC. Meter parking on Danforth. Parking available on side streets. Contact info here.
  • ACT Scarborough 4113A Lawrence Avenue - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - On Lawrence Avenue East on the south side across from the big apartment buildings. Free parking behind the clinic. Contact info here.
  • Transfer To ACT - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - If you want to transfer to ACT from your current clinic learn what info is needed regarding medical records and last dose receipts by clicking here.
  • Begin Treatment Now - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - Info on treatment options, making an appointment, follow-up visits, dose adjustments, carries, sample tests, and program rules here.
  • How Opioid Substitution Therapy Works - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - Learn about OST, opioids, withdrawal, rapid detox, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and possible lifestyle changes.
  • Reduce Your Dose - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - Dose reductions or tapering are a step towards being drug free. Factors may determine how quickly you can reduce your dose. Click for more info.
  • About Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - Treat panic, anxiety, phobias, stress, and compulsions without the cost, side effects, addictions, and withdrawal effects of medications.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - Questions about medications, side effects, drug interactions, or drug treatment? Find answers to the most common questions here.
  • Resource - ACT Addiction Centre Toronto - What is addiction? How do you spot withdrawal symptoms? What are relapse, triggers, and cravings? Find out here.

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