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  • Writersblock15 - Great Sneakers

    I've had these shoes for 2 weeks and love them. I wear them to the gym and martial arts classes and they've become a conversation piece. They are more comfortable than I thought they would be. My only complaint is the location of the switch. When I walk my foot hits the switch and will change colors on me. That could be because I pronate slightly. Overall, they are fun to wear.

  • RPlayground - Wow!

    It’s always strange walking through the neighborhood, as a guy, with a huge pink unicorn float… Unless, of course, you are a father of two little girls. So they love unicorns and they love this float. They can actually both fit on this in the pool, and it’s literally the best thing I could ever have purchased for them for pool gear. So much majesty!

  • RKG1510 - Content is Great - but don't DL the Kindle Version!

    I really wanted an electronic copy, so I purchased the kindle version to read on my computer. Unfortunately, the formatting is altered such that some of the sections are unreadable or nonsensical (tables appear as lists so there's no way of knowing what items are meant to aligned). Additionally, figures are so small that labels are hard to read (increasing font size/zoom makes no difference). If you buy this - stick to the print version!

  • Roy K - worth the money..does its job.

    Stacked with Test freak...between the two I gained decent growth in the one month cycle. Strength increase too...Gained a little weight, but expected..41 years old too, so it helps..

  • Kelly Petty - They Run Large

    Be sure and order a size down possibly 2. They are quite large but still give a decent amount of compression. I get cramps in my toes at night so i wear these to bed and they disappear. I will be buying the shorter ones for summer though.

  • Sadie J. - Smaller than the original but it serves its purpose

    I had an old original Ouija Board that was about twice as big as this one that my mother told me to, "Get out of the house!" when I was a teenager. A lot of people associate this board game with negative energies but I just think it's plain fun- especially at parties. It's fun to spook each other out. Whether or not your are actually "connecting" with the other side, I have no idea but I've never had any adverse affects because of its use. The only thing about this glow in the dark set that needs upgrading is the size and quality of the plugs you put on the bottom of the pointer. My original had felt bottoms for easier sliding across the board. This on just has rounded plastic pegs that don't move as smoothly and one does not want to stay in.