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  • THRILLHO - Like going from school cafeteria salisbury steak to filet mignon

    Like most of the reviewers, I had the opportunity to try this shampoo when I stayed at a Hilton hotel on an overnight business trip. Up to this point in my entire childhood and adult life, shampoo was one of those things that I never really cared about or put any thought into beyond "this bottle of Suave costs $1.50 - that sounds about right". To be honest, after trying the tiny sample bottle of the Mega Rich Shampoo I was blown away at what a difference a quality product can have on my hair. I have pretty dry, thin hair (a combination of genetics and hair care ignorance), so I was surprised to find my hair soft, voluminous, and thicker after using this shampoo for 3 days. I was hooked.

  • Zachary Stanley - One Star

    Do not use! It prevents nothing more than the window will on its own, and the warranty covers nothing!

  • Amazing Phil - Loving it so far...

    This is so much better than my last phone. I can actually text without a stylus because the keyboard is large enough! I mostly use my phone for talk and text with the occasional use of data, so I'm not going to have to worry about running out of app memory. The main camera takes great pictures. At $60.00 you can safely forgo the expense of a case, and tempered glass screen protector (though I did get a cheap one to reduce finger smudges) If this phone breaks after a year or two, you can afford to replace it, and will probably be ready for an upgrade to the newest version anyway. I ran the recommended update with no problems. I really like the features of Android 5.0, and now that my Fire HD OS has updated to 5.0 (basically a modified version of lollipop) I am fairly current on the two devices I use the most. This phone is an excellent value for the price. No problems at all so far, Big enough to use, but still fits in my pocket, and I was able to use my standard PureTalk SIM card. Fantastic battery life with Wifi/Bluetooth turned off, and screen brightness dialed down.

  • Anna - It's good for light cleaning and does a great job of ...

    The box only contained one wet pad. This is something I have overlooked while buying this product. It's good for light cleaning and does a great job of cleaning hardwood floors. However, I have tried using it in the kitchen in the apartment I have recently moved in that let's just say was not in the best shape, and it did not prove nearly as effective as I had hoped. The floor in there required much more intense scrubbing then this little thing can do.