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  • scotty-48 - Awesome Additive !

    I have been using Seafoam in All of my vehicles and equipment for over 40 years . I met the man who originally formulated Seafoam , he was from the Minneapols area ...He brewed this stuff in his

  • ¬©ooper - WP-100 Waterpik - Not what they used to be...

    I'm not sure why they don't refer to this Waterpik with its model number, WP-100. That's what it is. (they've since changed the name from 'professional' to WP-100)

  • Davenna Childress - This is pretty simple to install

    This is pretty simple to install. Like, it really only takes a minute. Let the water run for a bit to get the charcoal residue out the way and the water runs clear. Water tastes clean and you won't end up paying manufacturer prices for such an easy replacement. We're big water drinkers here so I would be able to tell if the water was different and it's just as crisp as we had with our other filter. This is a filter we'll be purchasing from now on when we need our replacements. I received this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Jeff palmer - But this can be applied easily and quick

    My dog hates having his mouth touched. But this can be applied easily and quick. He likes the taste of it and will lick any that misses his mouth. So, the taste doesn't bother him. This along with the water additive really reduced the tartar and gunk that he had when I got him from the humane society.

  • Yasmin Azimi - Read Labels People!

    Are you kidding me?? There's Phenylalanine in this product. Phenylalanine is 50% aspartame - which is carcinogenic and can cause cellular damage if consumed too much. Considering the Standard American Diet is already rich in aspartame (sodas, artificial sweeteners), I wouldn't want to take a daily supplement that also consists of these toxins. NO THANK YOU. I'm sure taking Biotin and MSM will yield the same results without the unnecessary junk.

  • travis stoken - I also really like the 5 power settings

    While I have not had this light long enough to test its durability/reliability, I can comment on its light output.

  • WV_OUTDOORSMAN - Arrived nice but it didn't last.

    Bought the iPad case and iPhone 7 plus case. The iPad is doing great. I work in an office so very light use on my phone and it is falling apart after just 2 weeks. The edge peeled off all the way around and the strap holding the cove on is unraveling.