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    I bought this vacuum over a year ago because I wanted a good vacuum but am on a student budget. Let me begin by saying that it is indeed a good vacuum; it's easy to empty the dust cup and relatively easy to clean. It has a small cleaning head which some don't like but I wanted that so I could get into narrow spaces. It is lightweight (which was important for me because I am very petite), has several nozzles and brush attachments, and most importantly it has very good suction.

  • Myth Man - Rock N' Roll Litigation At Its Best -- You Gotta Love This One! Spell-binding Performances by ALL Actors.

    As a lawyer and retired judge, I can speak with some authority that the writers of Goliath have spun a great story supported by "real life" legal realities. I particularly enjoyed the episode where the main character gives "deposition tips" to an expert witness. It made me smile because it was "so true." This series is exquisitely entertaining, the characters are well-crafted, believable, and immensely genuine. Billy Bob Thornton gives us the best acting performance of his career, no small feat considering his past successes. He demonstrates the kind of lawyer we judges would simultaneously fear and admire, the ones who push the system to its limits but do so with an unerring determination to discover the truth of the matter regardless of personal consequences. The characters are complex, difficult, messy and heroic. This is signified by superb screen-writing and acting, and anyone with experience in the world of the hard-core litigation will recognize the characters. These characters are drawn from real-life. The language may surprise some, but the fact is, this is actually not too far off the mark in how lawyers talk -- rough, coarse and bold. Hopefully they keep the same actors and writers driving this project forward into future seasons. Each one of the actors is spot-on. In over 40 years of litigation, I have met every one of these characters!! Somebody on the inside of the litigation game is writing or reviewing the script.

  • S. Horwatt - The problem with "best of" collections... that they depend heavily on who is defining "best." This year's "The Best American Short Stories" was edited by Elizabeth Strout, and I think that's the main reason for my lukewarm reaction to it. I've only read one of Ms. Strout's novels, but I found it a little overwritten and self-consciously stylistic, and that's how a lot of these stories struck me. There's not much here that I would actually say is bad, but there's also not a lot that I would actually say is great, either. Many of the stories rely on some writing device or other (such as a section of the story being told in the form of a play, to show that the characters are "acting") that may be fresh or even a bit clever, at the expense of there being much substance to the story.