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  • slunder - Luv my truck :)

    This is my second Tacoma, and I really like it. Never had any problems with the last one so went with it again. This is the 2016 SR5, double cab, short bed. The dealership said this is the first year they've made major improvements in a long long time. The biggest change is the engine, they've lowered the liter but increased the horse power and you can definitely feel the difference in the giddy-up when you need it. It seems to ride a little smoother than my last one (only three years difference) - could be the tires, they've switched away from the Coopers. The hood style is a little bit higher (off the ground height-wise) - look great. The bed is a half inch longer - so those looking to re-use a tonneau or cap from an older truck you won't be able to. The interior seems to be roomier, not by much but enough to keep the spouse happy :) The dashboard is much better as opposed to the old basic that didn't interact with modern world too well, lots of options on the dash now. And finally they've have eliminated a lot of the interior road noise by placing a "baffle" between the cab and the bed. Don't get too excited, it's a truck, you still get noise just not as much as the older models. The seats are still basic - I wish they had more adjustment options and not just the forward/back/lumbar movements - but the material is nice, seems durable, they are comfortable, and the double cab easily fits 4 adults (5 would be pushing it comfort-wise). This is the first year that the tailgates lock - yay!! For some reason they've not previously had locks on them. I have not towed anything yet but have no doubts based on my last truck that it will perform well when I need it too - same with the four wheel drive, very nice in the winter, all wheel drive is NOT the same as 4WD. In my opinion if you are driving in any depth of snow you need 4WD. Lastly, they offer add-on packages - I chose the tri-fold hard tonneau package. This is the part where I am not happy at all - it totally has a flawed design and leaks like a colander. I wanted to be able to keep my golf stuff secure (remember they lock now) and DRY. I totally understand that all tonneaus leak a little but this is way more than that. Toyota needs to either fix the design or if it is a third party make them change it. This tonneau is not something they can just replace with another kind nor can you just pop it onto a different truck - not even an older model - it has pegs built into the truck bed so the tonneau can lock/clamp onto the pegs. Love the truck, don't bother with the tonneau package, go get an after market one for less money and headaches if that is what you are interested in.

  • ChiefDSS - There are better one's

    All my computers have it but they are starting to make different products that are confusing as to which one to buy. Also, I have noticed that it does not work as good as previous versions. Will be looking to change upon it expiring.

  • Joseph - A great way to protect your car.

    Just what I wanted, fit like a glove, and tough as nails. I have these in my Nissan Titan, and my Mustang GT.

  • Kristi - AWESOME CHAIRS!

    These chairs are great! I love them and the price and 2 days it took to get them was even better...still havent found a better deal anywhere else.

  • jjswan33 - Great bike for this price.

    For the price of the bike the features are great. I wanted the disc brakes and the higher end components. The shifters could be better.

  • Christopher F. Bonney - that I should find Paul Theroux' selections for this year's edition so terrific. This is my favorite "best" year yet

    I have been reading this annual series for many years. It's not a surprise, therefore, that I should find Paul Theroux' selections for this year's edition so terrific. This is my favorite "best" year yet.

  • Betsy Almoney - Never too old for a good facial cream.

    I am pushing age 80 and have used many creams over the years but this is my favorite for my current age Love that I can order it on my computer. I use amazon Prime at a good price and it arrives quickly.