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Free 401k Fund ETF Market Timing Alerts - Current 401ktrend and ETF market timing indicators and strategies for 401ks, Roth IRAs, QQQQ, Profunds, and double market ETFs.

  • About 401k Trend | 401ktrend - 401k Trend provides entry-exit alerts that identify some market trends. The strategy is to preserve capital during risk of downtrends and enter positions
  • Register-Legal | 401ktrend - The content appearing on the web site, including market trend signals, historical performance, commentary, and references, are provided as an
  • All FAQs | 401ktrend - 401k Trend Market Timing System General Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Please review the home page if you have not
  • Performance | 401ktrend - Indicator #1: "Major Market Timing Indicator - Long-Term” Performance: Performance for Popular Funds Fund Families or
  • Free 401k Mutual Fund ETF Alerts | 401ktrend - Our primary market timing indicator avoided a 40% downward move in the S&P 500 in 2008-2009!  Our subscribers saved their 401k holdings and other
  • 6-4-2012 Market Indicator Change | 401ktrend - Both Major Market Indicator #1 and #2 changed to DOWN today before the close of trading. Our latest “HOLD/REDUCE” trend in Indicator #2 was productive,
  • 6-3-2012 Market Indicator Change Alert | 401ktrend - Both Major Market Indicator #1 and #2 will move to DOWN on Monday 6/4/2012 if the S&P 500 fails to rise above 1285 during the day on Monday.  In other
  • 3-06-2012 Market Indicator #2 Change | 401ktrend - Major Market Indicator #2 changes to HOLD/REDUCE with the S&P 500 closing below 1365 today.  Our warnings over the last two days were successful in
  • 3-05-2012 Market Indicator Change Alert | 401ktrend - The market closed just a hair below 1365 today - we'll wait for a more convincing close below 1365 to change the indicator to HOLD/REDUCE.......The Major
  • FAQ 5-Indicator-2 Usage | 401ktrend - How do I use the “Major Market Timing Trend Indicator” (Short-Term) #2 for my 401k and ETFs? The following table provides guidelines to select funds and
  • 3-04-2012 Market Indicator Change Alert | 401ktrend - The Major Market Timing Indicator #2 will change to “HOLD/REDUCE” with a close below S&P 500 1365 on Monday or Tuesday (3/5-3/6). More information on
  • 2-1-2012 New “UP” in Indicator 1 | 401ktrend - Indicator #1 moved to “UP” today, 2/1/2012.  All three of our indicators are now pointing “UP”.

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    While this appears to be an excellent dry dog food, my dog just simply doesn't like it very well. She has multiple allergies, chicken among them. I had her on Addiction Kangaroo, which she loves, but it has "chicken fat" way down in the ingredient list. While it was a tiny amount, it still contributed to her allergen load. I was thrilled to find this food which has nothing she's allergic to. While switching her over, I saw she ate the Addiction first and often stopped eating when it was gone. When she had nothing but the Zignature, she would pick at it and beg for treats. I left her on this for some months but she never grew to like it. I've switched back to the Addiction, giving in to her at last, and she's happy with her food again. Oh, to be a pampered pooch...

  • Amazon Customer - it works great. However

    Just got my product. So far, it works great. However, the pictures are deceiving. The charger is a little thick and bigger than I expected. it's also a lot heavier than what was advertised.

  • D. Bonvissuto - So far so good

    I read about 50 reviews on this product before I added it to my Amazon Wish List and took all the caveats into consideration. Truthfully, I've only had it for a few weeks, but so far it's made a beautiful pot of short ribs and a lovely bowl of pasta and bean soup. Is it unbelievably heavy? Yes. Do you have to baby it a little (low to medium temperatures; not over 375 in the oven)? Sure. Do I care? No. The reason I wanted this pot is because I'm trying to go "green" with my cookware, and cast iron supposedly adds good things (i.e. small amounts of iron) to your cooking, not harmful chemicals and metals. But I don't want to deal with cleaning cast iron, so the enamel-coated Le Creusets are perfect. Next stop: small saute pan.

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    These prenatal vitamins with lactation support have improved my almost sinking lactation. I have gained 2 more ounces per breast since I started these and I see that it is slowly going up. I love and can trust that they are an herbal blend. No bad taste in mouth and just two small vitamins per day does the trick. I received this product at no cost for my unbiased honest product review. All opinions are my own and I have not and will not in any way receive any sort of compensation. If by chance you found my review helpful to you please click on the yes. Thank you so much!

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    I definitely felt a increase in energy when taking it, but highly recommend not taking it on an empty stomach or at least with a meal. Doesn't say this anywhere on the bottle and maybe it's just assumed you should, but I felt absolutely horrible the times I took this and not eating at the same time.

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    I've run thousands of miles in my lifetime but a meniscus tear several years ago effectively put an end to my dreams on running into old age. I've also cycled for cross training, rolling over countless miles but I've always preferred to run. While doing physical therapy recovering from knee surgery, I was put on an elliptical and I remember thinking how very much like running is was. I looked forward to those therapy sessions, just to get on that elliptical. So, tiring of cycling as my lone form of aerobic exercise, I recently decided to get an elliptical trainer. I did extensive research and decided on the Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer (2009 Model). I've had it for three weeks. It's wonderfully solid and it's a smooth machine! However, my single complaint is that when standing on the elliptical, one's weight is thrown forward. If the elliptical was designed with runners in mind then the assumption was that runners run on the balls of their feet. This is true for sprinters but not for distance runners, who pretty much universally, run heel-to-toe (we strike the ground with our heels then roll forward pushing off with the front of the foot). I'm up to one hour workouts but the frustrating thing is that I can't lean back in my stride for that comfortable long run. Every time I try to lean back I'm forced forward and my quads are required to do work I never needed on those 8 mile runs I so loved to take. The odd thing is that the pedals are adjustable. The heel can be raised by 10 degrees so, while they were at it, why didn't they allow those of us who would prefer it, to be able to lower the back of the pedal so as to adjust it to our running style? I'm quite mystified by this and I'm hoping the good folk at Sole read these reviews and will take the opinion of this old runner to heart and make future models with a greater adjustment range for their pedals ... please?

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    Great starter deck for anyone just getting into magic such as myself. Also great if you want a peek into this world without spending a lot of money. Other reviews cover what comes in this set so I won't get into detail there. Let me just say, if you know some one that is playing magic, they probably won't want this. Get them the booster packs instead. This is more for people just getting into the game.