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  • Dakota2265 - A True Giant!

    My nieces are going to think I am the best aunt in the world when she sees my unicorn. I cannot believe how huge it is. Even though I saw the measurements, it just looks so much bigger and better. I used my electric air pump to inflate all four chambers. It is made of a strong vinyl. I love that the unicorn comes with a patch kit. I am hoping to not need it but it is nice to know it is available just in case I may need it. This float is big enough to fit two adults on it with no problem. Kids can use it more like a boat also. My nieces will be here next week and we are going to have a blast. I can’t wait for them to see my new “pet”. Disclaimer: I received this at a discount in exchange for my honest review. My experience was not influenced by that discount in any way.

  • jenlizwhite - Great Read

    This is my 3rd book from this author and once again a really good psychological thriller. I really enjoy his books.

  • Lucy - They Offer A Money Back Guarantee

    I have cartilidge loss in both knees, however, my insurance company will not approve surgery until I lose a certain amount of weight. So, I'm looking for any relief I can obtain besides prescription pain killers and surgery. I had already brought this cream from a major drug store, and I liked the way it gave me temporary relief from my arthritic knee pain, without the strong smell. So when I saw that Amazon carried it for a little less, of course I jumped on it. Even my husband did'nt mind massaging this cream on my knees like he minded other smelly topical creams. Besides...they offer a money back guarantee...just send the remaining cream back to the address on the carton. Any one looking for temporary arthritis joint pain relief should try this. Arthritis pain is no joking matter, and this is as good or better than most topical pain relievers I've tried.

  • Raeto - Evil in its purest form

    It shows you how little you know about history, how school programming leaves you with an ingrained perception and understanding of reality which has nothing to do with reality. It's a perfect game of deception and perception. The energy of the pain suffered by all the people must have reached galaxies far away. Any sane being may it be extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional in this universe understandably stays far away from us. No wonder are we not allowed to leave earth as we would only spread unimaginable horror wherever we would go. It deeply hurts me to realize that I am part of beings capable of inflicting such utter horror upon their fellow beings. The mere thought of all the atrocities comitted makes me weep forever. How can we not realize that we are living in paradise created by good but governed by evil. How can we treat the earth which allows us to exist in the first place with such disrespect and arrogance. I'm ashamed of calling myself human and look forward to the time when I'm allowed to leave this experience and dimension to unite again with love and the creator. The ultimate ignorance is to reject something one has not investigated. Love is King and evil must be defeated.

  • Jaqueline - Only thing we use with colds

    This device is amazing! Hook up one end to your vacuum and the other to your child's nostril. Watch the boogers leave in an instant!

  • Angela Lopez - liked this but had to return it

    I liked the design/simplicity of the chair and really wish it would have worked out, however, we couldn't fit it on our table due to a support beam. Aside from that another con is that it takes a while to twist it on and off. We had planned on hooking it up and leaving it on but if you want to take it restaurants etc. just know it can be timeconsuming.